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Before Stepping into Your Pool, Take These Safety Steps

Posted by Blue Haven Pools Tulsa on 04/28/2014

Relaxing by the pool on a sunny day is one of life’s great luxuries. But it's hard to relax when you know your pool is creating safety hazards. Before taking your first dip in your brand-new pool, take some simple safety precautions to help you keep your cool.


Install Pool Safety Equipment

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission recommends the following safety equipment:

·       Fence around the perimeter of the pool

·       Door, gate, or pool alarms

·       Self-closing gates

·       Pool cover

·       Drain covers


Hire an expert to make sure you’ve installed all safety equipment correctly. You can find a qualified, local engineer to inspect (or even install) all of your pool safety equipment on the CDC’s website.

Inspect your pool safety equipment on a regular basis to make sure nothing has broken, gone missing, or stopped working.


Become a Family of Pool Safety Experts

One of the most important things you can do is to make sure everyone in your family learns how to swim. This is especially important for children. The American Academy of Pediatricians (AAP) explains that swimming lessons are appropriate for most children four years old and up, but that younger children should stick to the wading area. You can find other safety tips in the AAP’s Parent’s Guide to Water Safety.

Besides learning to swim, you and any other supervising adults in your family should be trained in CPR, first aid, and emergency response.

Finally, make sure everyone who uses your pool knows and understands some basic rules, such as:

·       Do not keep electrical appliances or riding toys near the pool.

·       Do not dive into shallow parts of the pool.

·       Do not run on the pool deck.

·       Do not go near pool drains, pipes, or other openings.


Practice Water Safety

You've installed all safety equipment, and your family can recite the pool rules by heart. Good for you! You’re ready to enjoy your pool. While you do, follow a few more water safety guidelines:

·       Never leave a child or disabled person unattended in or near the pool.

·       Always keep an eye on children and disabled people when using the pool.

·       If there is an infant in the pool, make sure the infant is being held or is within arm’s reach of an adult while in the water (the AAP calls this “touch supervision”).

·       Have your phone nearby in case of an emergency.


 There you go! Kick off your shoes and enjoy your pool.