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If There Ever Was a Job Worth Doing Well, It's Opening Your Pool

Posted on 05/22/2014

Any job worth doing is worth doing well. This grandmotherly saying especially applies to opening your pool. After all, you'll be kicking yourself, if come July, you find yourself having to deal with a situation you breezed over in May. This also applies in reverse, so prepare to pay the price if you skimped on any pool closing steps last fall. Having said that, are we ready?

Remove the Cover

  • Before doing anything, sweep, pump, or hose off any leaves, twigs, and debris.
  • If you have a standard tarp-type cover with water bag ballast, remove and empty bags.
  • If it's a safety cover loosen the springs and secure them to the sides of the pool.
  • The easiest way to remove the cover is to fold it in half, then continue halving it until it is a size you can easily handle.
  • You may want to get to the pool, but take the time to clean the cover now. The quicker you do it the sooner it will dry and you can put a nice clean folded cover away for easy fall replacing.

Winter Plugs / Summer Plugs

  • Circle the pool, removing all winter plugs from the suction and return lines.
  • If you removed any plugs or fittings from the heater, pump, or filter last fall. Locate and set them aside.
  • Storing all hardware in the same place makes for easy finding when seasons change


Fill pool to the desired level at no more than 1 inch per hour.


  • Install the pressure gauge and drain plug.
  • Take a look at the sand, DE or cartridge. Add or replace.
  • When the power is restored you many have to backwash the filter, especially if the water was not clean when the pool was closed for the winter.


  • Inspect the pump O-ring for cracks.
  • Replace, if necessary. If in good condition, lubricate with Teflon before securing the pump lid
  • When the power is restored, you may have to prime the pump if sufficient water is not flowing through. Turn it off, and using a hose or bucket, fill the pump housing with water. Once the lid is replaced, turn on the pump again, it should prime itself.


  • Check the circuit breakers, set switches and time clock to desired settings.
  • Turn on electricity.
  • Check for drips or leaks.
  • Check the operation of the pump and filter, and if necessary, perform the corrective steps mentioned above.
  • Leave the pump and filter running for three days or until the water is clear.


  • Test water for pH and alkalinity for next few days. 
  • Add chemicals to balance or shock if necessary.
  • Take a quart of water to your local pool dealer for an analysis and recommendation.

Final Odds and Ends

  • Empty the pump strainer and skimmer baskets.
  • Scrub the tiles and vinyl pool surfaces.
  • Replace ladder, diving board, and any other accessories.
  • Take inventory of chemicals and cleaners.
  • Set a routine for water testing.

 Now congratulate yourself for a job done well, and get set for yet another summer by you Blue Haven pool.