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How do we get started?

An appointment is made with one of our designers for a consultation to determine how your family will use the pool, the design possibilities for your backyard, the location of utilities and easements, and your budget. Once a budget is established, your Designer begins creating a unique design that compliments the architecture of your home and the exterior surroundings. It is important that you define your design ideas clearly and any desire for extras you may have, such as waterfalls, lighting, underwater benches & stools, special water features, and retaining walls. It is important to pay attention to draft designs; if you want something changed or added, let your Designer know during the design phase so that the final drawing meets or exceeds your expectations.

Our exclusive Smart Features provide maximum ease, beauty, and value for your swimming pool.

What type of pools do you build?

We build custom, in-ground, gunite pools and spas. What is gunite, you ask? Gunite is cement and dry or damp sand mixed without the addition of water, and then fed into a pneumatic gun. It is applied by compressed air at a high velocity to a nozzle, where the necessary water is projected on to the surface. Unlike conventional concrete, gunite undergoes compaction and placement at the same time due to the force with which it is projected from the nozzle. This makes gunite more dense, waterproof, and stronger than can be achieved by any other process.

The strength of gunite allows us to offer you a limited lifetime structural warranty that is even transferrable to the next owner of your home. Gunite gives greater flexibility in design because it is not placed or contained by forms. This allows us to craft our pools in unique sizes and shapes. It also provides us with the ability to overcome obstacles or limitations in your backyard. A custom designed pool can be manipulated to fit any space perfectly and achieve a spectacular, one-of-a-kind, original waterscape.

View our online gallery to see the types of pools we've built for our customers.

How long will it take to build my pool?

The length on the project depends on many things. It can depend on the weather and the size and complexity of your project. Generally, we can complete the pool in 6-8 weeks. Unlike some pool builders who will rush through the process, there will be about a 2-week period after the gunite process is complete when we will not work on your pool. Allowing the gunite to cure is critical to strengthening the structure of your pool. It also ensures that the tile and coping are installed in accordance with standards set by the Tile Council of North America, Inc.

Here are more details on how long it takes to build a quality pool.

What is the average size of a pool?

One size fits all doesn't apply here. The size of the pool depends on how you plan to use it, the size of your yard, and any limitations (easements, topography, budgets, etc.). In our professional opinion, it's best to build your pool for your everyday use and not "build the pool for the party."Diving pools require more length and depth; there are required specifications for pools with diving boards.

How much does a pool cost?

Buying a pool is much like buying a home. You can buy the most basic home or you can custom build your dream home with the latest technology and exotic materials. Pools can be very simple and energy efficient or they can be embellished with all the bells and whistles, such as natural stone waterfalls, fountains, grottos, or lazy rivers. 

Do you provide service for the pools you build?

Yes, all our pools are covered by the most extensive warranties in the industry and our in-house Service Technicians are factory trained and certified to ensure that you will enjoy your pool for many years to come. Our technicians are required to attend continuing education classes to make sure that we stay at the forefront of our industry’s technology.

We also provide a weekly maintenance service for the Tulsa area, which includes: brushing, vacuuming, & cleaning your pool as needed, testing the water and treating it as needed, cleaning the skimmer and pump baskets and filters as needed.

How will I learn to use my equipment?

At the completion of your pool, our dedicated service staff will walk you through a step-by-step process, explaining the operation and maintenance of your pool so that you may enjoy your pool for years to come. The Tech will also give you an Operations Manual and all your warranties. If you have further questions later, you can always call our Service Department from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Will my pool be difficult and/or time consuming to maintain?

Our over-sized plumbing and equipment are engineered to move more water in less time, thereby saving you money. Blue Haven has worked with our manufacturers for decades to develop and provide technology for our equipment that minimizes the time, energy, and effort required to maintain your pool.

Do you remodel pools?

Yes, we do remodel! At Blue Haven Pools Tulsa, we provide total remodeling services, such as: adding water features; removing and replacing tile, brick, and stone; re-plastering; and replacing the equipment. We can also add pergolas, fire pits, fireplaces, or a total outdoor living space.